Ground Mount Solar Power Plant



Clenergy ground mount solar power plant is valued for its high standards, high quality, and short construction period. The turnkey engineering services we provide include consulting services, design, system integration, operation and maintenance. Our professional and experienced engineering teams ensure smooth project implementation.

With high efficiency, smart O&M and reliable performance, Clenergy ground mount solar power plant maximizes value for the holder or proprietor by lowering costs, increasing electrical output, and boosting returns.


  • Comprehensive Service

Our expertise includes identifying and developing suitable sites, optimizing technical designs, purchasing solar system components, and managing park construction. All this combines seamlessly with our turnkey service including planning of optimal financial structure, and continuing O&M and optimization of energy production.

Basic preparation is of paramount importance. Crucial aspects covered include location analyses, profit reports, cost optimization, efficiency calculations, feasibility studies, and comprehensive documentation of all projects deliverables, such as scope of work, payment schedules, and construction timelines.


  • Overall Control

Full control of the whole value chain from development, construction and financing, to operation, workflow management and delivery time, ensures maximum cost efficiency in every aspect of the project.


  • Smart O&M Service

Intelligent O&M management system constantly monitors weather, radiation, power output, power rate, and fault information, and reports emergencies to the client application in a prompt and timely manner.