Clenergy Smart Microgrid


To meet market demand, Clenergy developed its smart microgrid system that integrates solar power generation and storage. A versatile solution, it can be connected to other smart micro-grids powered by complementary energy sources such as diesel or wind. It is also capable of operating under both grid-connected and off-grid modes. Along these lines, Clenergy provides turnkey ECP service to remedy electricity shortages present in unelectrified regions, or caused by power grids of poor quality or inadequate capacity.


Clenergy’s Smart Microgrid is a suite composed of batteries, a battery management system, bi-directional converting system, a central control system, a temperature control system, and a fire control system. The central control system manages and assures the efficient distribution of energy. Equipped with a flexible control strategy, system priorities can be set to ensure stability of power supply.



  • Flexible system configuration;
  • Integrated and customized solutions available;
  • Seamless switching between grid-connected and off-grid modes;
  • Modular design allows convenient expansion or extension;
  • High energy density means small floor area footprints;
  • Short construction period with high adaptability to site environment;
  • Optimum product design, high conversion efficiency, and black-start function;
  • Automatic remote monitoring system;