PV-ezRack® SolarMatrix

The Non-penetrating PV-Mounting System with flexible layout

Clenergy PV-ezRack® SolarMatrix™ is a non-penetrating, ballasted mounting system for commercial concrete-flat roof installations. It has been developed as a simple and robust mounting system suitable for tilt angles of 5° to 20°. The system allows flexible layout design utilizing the maximum available roof surface. With the application of wind deflectors it allows reduction of required ballast in lower wind regions. Corrosion resistant materials, only aluminium and stainless steel, ensure long design life.

Key Benefits

Easy Installation

The modular construction design combined with simple connection elements makes the PV installation time and cost

Good Compatibility

Designed as a universal mounting system, PV-ezRack® SolarMatrix™ is compatible with most of the major framed PV modules on the market


Clenergy combines the best designs of ballast and wind shield to avoid the need for penetrating the roof with fasteners

High Quality

Strict quality control over materials and finished products ensure optimum strength and long life for your installation.

10 Year Warranty

Clenergy provides a 10 year product warranty for your peace of mind.


Solar Matrix



ezRack SolarMatrix, Wind Deflectors

Part number: ER-WD-SM


PV-ezRack SolarMatrix, End Clamp

Part number: ER-EC-SM


PV-ezRack SolarMatrix, Inter Clamp

Part number: ER-IC-SM


Module Clamp 40mm (1.6”)

Part number: ER-MC-40


PV-ezRack SolarMatrix, Front and Back Leg

Part number: ER-L-SM


PV-ezRack SolarMatrix, Rail Cross Connector

Part number: ER-RC-SM


PV-ezRack SolarMatrix, Ballast Tray

Part number: ER-CT-SM


Wind Deflector

Part number: ER-WD


PV-ezRack MT-rail

Part number: ER-R-MT




EZ-CC-PV/4 Universal Cable for PV Panels for holding 4 cables


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