PV-ezRack® SolarBase™ East-West

Low ballast and East/West set-up solution without rails for commercial flat roof

PV-ezRack SolarBase East-West is our radical new generation flat roof mounting system. Conventional wisdom is to face solar modules South but PV-ezRack SolarBase East-West offers some powerful advantages. East-West smooth's the supply of power during the day, starting earlier and finishing later, so that more or all of the power generated is consumed on site. With no shading between rows 40% extra modules can be installed. Galvanized steel and anodized aluminium material ensures it is robust, cost-effective and has long lasting weather-resistance.

Key Benefits

Easy and fast installation

/Only three components, supplied in 1 kWp kits for minimal storage space./ Simple design for straight forward assembly./ Flat roof protection pre-fitted./ Aerodynamic design reduces ballast./ Pre-assembled front and back support legs and buckle design largely reduces installation time.

Outstanding performance

Fit 40% more modules maximizing roof area with very flexible design options./ Up to 30% higher yield per annum.Ideal for self-consumption due to smoother power curve over south facing arrays./ Cost per kWp are lower than standard South facing flat roof arrays./ Less ballast due to optimal aerodynamics./ No wind deflectors./ No rail design ensures rainwater flows away unimpeded./ Surprisingly low price.

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