PV-ezRack® SolarBaseNorth-South

Low ballast and South/North set-up solution without rails for commercial flat roof

Clenergy’s low ballast roof system is specifically designed for installation of commercial roof photovoltaic systems. Highly-efficient design greatly simplifies installation, and optimal use of available space. Designed to be used as a non-penetrative, low-ballast mounting system can also be adapted to be positively fixed to roofs where required.

Key Benefits

Convenient installation

The pre-assembled support leg with convenient and firm buckle design and simple bolt fixation saves installation time and cost for installers.

Advanced design

The design of ballast and wind deflector effectively increases the stability of the photovoltaic system. The rubber pad underneath the support leg raises the whole system from the roof surface for water draining, helps to prevent corrosion and avoids damaging the roof membrane. The innovative curved structure design integrates elegance & strength. This efficient design not only reduces materials and cost but still guarantees system strength & durability.

Strict quality control

Clenergy conducts strict quality management and control of raw materials, purchasing and production process to guarantee structural intergrity and service life of its manufactured systems.

Maximized compatibility

Low-ballast, flat-roof system is compatible with most framed solar modules. The arrangement of arrays is very flexible, which maximizes power generation. Roof objects (air-con units, roof-lights, etc.) can be easily accommodated.

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