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The future of solar system design


As part of our commitment to innovation Clenergy developed a unique and comprehensive online program for planning solar PV systems. The PV-ezDesign program provides the ability to quickly and easily design and simulate a complete PV installation of any size or type, using Clenergy PV-ezRack mounting systems. It incorporates advanced 3D technology for configuring pitched and flat roof as well as ground mounting systems.

The software displays roofs, buildings and the environment in either 2D or 3D, making it particularly useful for PV engineers and system designers.  With Google Maps integration, satellite images can be accessed and used as a backdrop for a solar project. An option is available to import scaled images of other sources or CAD drawings as a backdrop.

Compared to conventional methods such as standard CAD software, PV-ezDesign enables the user to create layouts in just a fraction of the time that would usually be required. The speed of the design process with this software is achieved through the use of predefined objects and templates such as different building and roof types, solar panels, roof objects and surrounding objects on the ground.

PV-ezDesign has many usability features including a sharing function. A link for a project can be sent to the customer, which can be used to and view a solar project online from any 3D angle. The project can also be shared with colleagues for review.

One of the features of PV-ezDesign is the ability to forecast yield analysis and solar irradiation for a site. The software simulates the movement of the sun throughout the year. It is easy to select any time on any particular day to see the incident sunlight and shading on a solar system. Areas of PV-panels which are affected by shadow can be quickly identified. This allows the user to design the most efficient layout on any given project with an accurate yield calculation. After the creation of the project all of these details, including CAD drawings, can be exported with just one click. You only need an internet connection and a browser to access the software from anywhere.

Access to the Sofware


Software features:

  • 3D visuals and modelling of building roof structures and environments
  • Creates fully scalable, pre-defined, lifelike models
  • Real-time shadow analysis directly from the 3D model
  • Irradiation data and forecast yields
  • Daily, monthly and yearly power output estimation reports
  • The use of satellite maps to include backdrop images of the site location
  • Import function for images of buildings footprints or backgrounds
  • Integrated Building Codes combined with pre-loaded wind and snow maps to help create the most accurate bill for materials (for selected regions).
  • Includes a database of over 2,000 solar PV modules from more than 200 manufacturers
  • Share and collaborate on a mounting system by publishing your projects online for colleagues and customers to view