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Clean Energy Investment


Clenergy invests with strategic partners and industry participants in solar, wind and other clean energies at home and abroad. Clenergy & Leitu Energy Company Ltd and West China Clenergy Energy Company Ltd were set up as joint ventures to promote solar power station development and clean energy investments in China. Clenergy Global Projects GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary, permits prompt responses to global business opportunities, further enhancing the overall profitability and international competitiveness. Establishment of three subsidiaries helps Clenergy extend chain and expand scale of industry. In order to bolster its strategic presence worldwide, Clenergy actively develops new markets in South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and many other regions.

Project reference:

Zhongwei 30MW utility-scale solar power plant in Ningxia province


Feicheng 18MW distributed solar power plant in Shandong province



Chuzhou 7.6MW distributed solar power plant in Anhui province



Tong’an district 2.2 MW distributed solar power plant in Xiamen, Fujian province